When she steps off the plane and into my charge, I know she will be the temptation I can’t resist.

Years ago, I retreated from the world to run a school for wayward girls. My work has only served to solidify my belief that females are unholy, lying, cheating creatures and my celibacy has never been tested.

Until Kitty arrives. The second our eyes meet, my vows begin to crumble. Dark desires from the past rise inside me, begging for release upon her lush curves and dimpled cheeks. I will mark her as mine and teach her the meaning of devotion.

She will call me Father at first, but before long, she will know me only as Daddy. I will risk everything to make her mine. But, when she finds out who I really am, the vows we made to each other are tested and if it takes moving heaven and earth to get her back…
I will.

Author’s Note: When Kitty’s parents send her away to stay with her stepbrother where he’s the headmaster of a very special church school she has no idea her wild child ways are about to be tamed by the ultimate holy-moly bad boy. It’s forbidden fruit and juicy cherry picking from these dual first timers on an altar of sin you won’t soon forget!

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Return of the Horde Boxset

After being enslaved on an alien planet, these orcs are back, and they are ready! Safe, no cheating, fated mates and all the Daddy-monster urges you didn’t know you needed. All the ORC knott-y goodness in one bundle.

Live and Let Orc
Sometimes, you go looking for love. And other times, it’s blocking your path.
This is the first in the Al-pha Horde series of interconnected stand alones about four orc brothers! Raven and Mol tear up the pages, leaving you with a heavy sigh, dreaming of finding your own orc daddy someday.

The Orc Next Door
Just when I thought my life in foster home hell couldn’t be any more messed up, the orc ships showed up.
This hard-headed-heroine is sure her new neighbor is her sworn enemy. Until, she’s watching him walk around naked at mid-night through her binoculars. The windows steam up fast in this hot romp of a fated mates adventure. You’ll get safe, no cheating, some milky, baby making fun-times and all the happily ever after you expect from Dani.

All in a Days Orc
Being kidnapped by orcs was not how the day was supposed to start.
These should-be enemies end up chained together in more ways than one. It’s opposites attract and zero to five spicy peppers in a Stockholm heartbeat. It’s safe, no cheating, fated mates and all the possessive, protective orc-ness you expect!

Once Upon an Orc
I felt nothing. Remembered nothing. Then, she touched me…
These two get trapped in an underground bunker and the temperature gets turned up fast. This tough heroine goes from trying to knife the hero, to climbing onboard for the ride of her life. Aleena and Gathred ride the waves of danger and love until they reach their happily ever after. No cheating, no others and some orc hotness that cures what ails ya.

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