Live and Let Orc

Alpha Horde the Orcs Return Book 1

I’m trapped in an abandoned house with a backpack full of stolen weapons when ruthless scavengers break down the front door.

What’s worse is my escape route is blocked by a seven-foot orc dragging a decapitated corpse.

Three-inch tusks press into his curling upper lip and deep scars decorate his pale green skin. He’s got eight-pack abs, fists the size of cantaloupes and his heated gaze devours me.

I make it out of there alive, barely.

Then, the next day? The same orc that blasted my panties and made me wonder what a tusk laced kiss would feel like turns up at my festival booth sending all my customers running for the hills.

I’m ready to blast him with both barrels but, before I get the first word out, he throws me over his shoulder. Now I’m wondering less about those tusks and more about what’s under that leather kilt he’s wearing.

Soon, I’m falling hard for this primal monster. But, will the burning bridges between our two worlds keep us apart or will we forge our own path to our happily ever after?

Author’s Note: After being enslaved on an alien planet, these orcs are back, and they are ready to m@te. Safe, no cheating, fated mates and all the Daddy-monster urges you didn’t know you needed.

This is the first in the Al-pha Horde series of interconnected stand alones about four orc brothers! Raven and Mol tear up the pages, leaving you with a heavy sigh, dreaming of finding your own orc daddy someday.

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When my stepsister waves at me from across the tarmac, I know I’m done waiting.

She’s been mine for years, in a way. Since the day our lives came together and I became her protector. Her guardian. Her rock.

She’s fierce and independent. Strong but soft. Willful but needy.

She deserves more than me—more than a broken soldier with two years of memories fit for nightmares.

When she smiles at me with those plump, pink lips, I can’t ignore my feelings anymore. I want to tie her to the bed as she screams my name. I want to smack that asset of hers, feeling the warmth of her skin on my hand.

I’ll choose if she breathes, what color panties she wears, if I let her wear them at all. I’m following my heart because it’s been broken for too long and she’s the only one that can fix me.
But, I need to protect her against one final enemy. Or else a dark, dangerous secret will steal my light from me forever.

Author’s Note: This homecoming is filled with dirty talk and forbidden fruit. It’s a love story with over-the-knee action and plenty of other hot lessons. This soldier is going to fill his one and only from top to bottom with all the happy endings you could hope for. It’s safe, no cheating, with double V-cards to boot!

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