I’m the deal maker. The winner. The ice man. Nothing phases me.

Until now.

For the first time in my life, I’m nervous. I’m afraid I might lose. Because the deal I want to make with this sweet doll that showed up to pet-sit my grumpy ass bulldog is the most important one of my life. In the span of ten minutes she’s made my dick hard. Made my heart come to life. Made my soul take flight.

I would be the stupidest man alive to let her go. She’s barely a breeze over eighteen and I know I’m too old for her but I don’t care. When you know, you know. And man, do I know. Only, there’s someone else that wants what’s mine. And in the end, if he can’t have her, he’s going to make sure no one does. But it’s my duty to fight for what I love—and I don’t fight fair.

Author’s Note: This alpha won’t let anything stand in the way of securing what he knows is his. He hasn’t looked at a woman in longer than he can remember but once he sees her, all bets are off. This is safe, way over the top with a crazed hero that will stop at nothing to make the deal of a lifetime.




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