Originally included in the CAN’T WAIT bundle. Now available as a standalone with new EXCLUSIVE additional chapters!

She didn’t think I saw her. Hiding behind her ball cap and baggy clothes, but Jesus did I see her. I’ve followed her, spied on her, stalked her.

See, I’m not a good guy. I’ve never wanted anyone in my life except my clients. The ones that take from me and I take back with forty-percent on top and maybe a few broken fingers.

This can’t be happening. One phone call, one revelation and the one I’ve set my sights on can never be mine. Not in the way I’ve imagined every night for half a year. How will I ever look her in those silver eyes and not think of taking her in all the filthy ways I’ve imagined?

Only, things aren’t what they seem. Fate opens the door and I’m not just going to walk through; I’m doing to kick it down. When she finds out who I am, what I am, it may all be over anyway, but until then I’m chasing down what’s mine even if it’s wrong.

Author’s Note: It’s the most taboo sort of mis-understanding but makes these two struggle to come to terms with what they are feeling. It’s fast, hard and all the best sort of smutty. So, sit back, suspend reality and take a happily ever after ride, safe, no cheating and all the usual naughtiness you expect.




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