The Billionaire’s Valentine Vixen

Valentine’s Day has come and gone and for Alice Sunderland it’s good riddance. It’s never been her holiday du jour and working at the seedy Sunshine Lounge being ogled and lusted after by a sea of men wearing wedding rings, her faith in true love is at an all-time low.

Roan Kenyon’s life was focused and that’s how he liked it. Making money and negotiating business deals with more commas than a run on sentence were his loves. Until his life takes a hard left turn, and he finds himself juggling his new father figure role to his niece, while keeping his business empire afloat.

Enter one epic snowstorm, a billionaire trying to negotiate with a four-year-old, a beauty down on her luck and you’ve got some off the charts post V-day magic. Top it off with one early flight home and Roan finds a naked surprise sleeping in his bed.

The odds are stacked against them, but can these two find the roses among the thorns? Or will one antique brooch and a secret leave them high and dry when it comes to love?

Author’s Note: For everyone who loves or hates Valentine’s Day, this is the insta-love you need. This older man loses the battle with temptation when the babysitter from heaven shows up on his doorstep. He’s obsessed from the moment he sees the February 15th snowflakes in her chocolate-brown hair, and he knows this is his most important negotiation ever. It’s way over-the-top, safe, no cheating and a happily ever after guaranteed.

Enjoy this second book in the Happily Ever AFTER the Holiday Series. All books happen just AFTER the holiday and have some related characters but can be read in any order.

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Bad Ride

Sometimes, you have to take chances when fate hands them to you. Like the call I got for a 1977 Mustang that needs a tow. I know that car well and I know more about the driver than I should because I’ve been following her and spying on her for almost two years.

When she touches me for the first time, the cloak of armor I’ve worn for too long melts. I show her my heart but it’s not enough. She says we are oil and water. It’s impossible for us to mix but I’m going to prove her wrong.

I may not be from her world but I’m going to bring our world’s together because I’ve had a taste of what could be and there’s no going back.

OTT Alpha, safe, no cheating and a guaranteed happily ever after. Have a nice ride.This month 24 of your favorite short and steamy authors have cometogether to bring you a new motorcycle romance each day! The Men ofValor are more than ex-military bikers – they know what it means to gothe distance for love.

Hop on the back of a bike and hold on tight to your new book boyfriend – it’s gonna be one hell of a ride!

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