Paying Her Dues

It’s my eighteenth birthday and you know what I got from my parents?

Nothing. Crickets. They totally forgot.

They are so focused on making sure I earn first chair in the local symphony, I can’t even tell them the conductor promises I’ll do well in my audition, if I give him a private performance playing his instrument instead of my violin.

So, I take my birthday celebration into my own hands and tip back a few too many lime-a-ritas with my best friend. Enter an SOS call to his father for a ride home and well…let’s just say I leave my inhibitions back at the bar.

What’s worse is my best friend’s father is also my father’s best friend and the source of every naughty fantasy I’ve ever had.

He’s older and wiser. He’s tattoos and rough edges and everything I shouldn’t want.

But, I do. So, so much.

Turns out, he’s been doing some wanting of his own and before I can blow out my candles, I’m up against the wall in my birthday suit and he’s giving me a gift that rocks my world.

He’s taking what he wants, and this is turning into the best birthday ever. Only, when our secret is exposed, will it destroy our families…or us?

Author’s Note: This innocent virtuoso is going to find out just how possessive an older man can be. These two throw caution to the wind and before you know it, it’s a crescendo of over-the-top love that ends with a standing ovation. Age-gap, safe, with a happy ending just like you expect from Dani.

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Three Strikes

I’m on a heater in an all-night penthouse poker game when the host throws me a curve ball. One hand, all in, and if I lose? Not only do I give up the pile of winnings in front of me, I have to play in his daughter’s charity softball game the next day. She needs a ringer and apparently, that’s me.

No way am I losing this hand. I’m not into charity anything. And kids? Outside of my nieces and nephews, I have zero interest.

But, when a blonde bombshell with ivory skin and lips to die for walks in, tosses me a look, then walks back out without a word, she throws me way off my usual game.

Still, I’m a man of my word, so I show up at the field the next day, and who do I find? It’s the stunning sweet cheeks from the night before standing on the pitcher’s mound staring me down. She’s got zero interest in playing any games with me besides softball but I’m pulling out all the stops.

She’s got me swinging for the fences. Only, her father has other ideas on who she’s going to spend the rest of her life with and it’s not me.

Too bad. My future father-in-law is about to strike out and I’m hitting a home run. With his daughter.

Author’s Note: It’s root, root, root (wink, wink) for the home team when this hero who dances on the line between upstanding citizen and unsavory lawbreaker gets his first hit of his one and only. Her father has other ideas, but it’s summer insta-love with scorching temps, no cheating, and a hard-headed heroine who makes this hero go nine-innings for the win.

Cyrus’ story! Tor & Sophia’s brother…
Get in on the third book in the MEANT TO BE series! This is Cyrus’s story, Tor’s and Sophia’s brother from TWO WRONGS and ONE CHANCE! These are short, sultry, summer treats. Enjoy!

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