Oooo Holy Night

I shouldn’t want her.

She’s the little sister of a high-school classmate. Not one I would call a friend. Combine that with the decades long feud between our families and there’s no way my Christmas wish is going to come true. I’ve got twenty years and two hundred pounds on her as well. There’s no way such a sugar plum would look twice at an ogre like me.

Until, I take her hand. I get her flavor on my tongue and there’s no turning back. My restraint is fraying. I’m going to have her in my bed and in my life no matter the obstacles in our path.

My little snow angel is going to be the only Christmas delivery I need. I just hope she’s ready to be unwrapped. I’ll have her screaming Oooo Holy Night all the way into the new year.

Welcome to a filthy dirty Christmas! Forget sugar and spice and everything nice…this year we want to show off our naughty side. Dangerous and over the top, we’re bringing you everything you were too scared to ask Santa for. **Don’t worry, loves, these are still packed with the heroes you crave and the HEA’s you deserve!

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Bump In The Night

Silas Worthington is a man with a plan. A plan that will turn his family’s old estate into an airport and fill his already full pockets a bit more. There’s only one problem. His great-grandfather put a little twist in his will that throws a wrench into his plans. Enter a contest, Halloween, a few lucky contestants, and boom. Everything is about to fall into place.

Except, he doesn’t bank on Delia Anderson. She’s wearing a pink fuzzy sweater and her eyes tell him they’ve got history. And a destiny. She’s not part of the plan, but now that she’s here, Silas will battle anyone is this life or the afterlife to make her his.

Only, there’s some otherworldly shenanigans going on inside his family’s estate that no one counted on. When dreams and reality blend together, it’s nearly impossible to tell what is real and what is imagined. These two need to fight through some spirited, spooky back and forth for the chance at their happily ever after.

Author’s Note: Grab your flashlight, pull the covers over your head and get ready for a romp though a haunted mansion that will leave you wanting your own night time visit from a hot, dark apparition. Enjoy a little trick and treat with no cheating, wicked charm and as always, a happy ending.

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