Maybe it was that dark hair and those pouty red lips that first caught my eye, or perhaps it was her scent I caught on the air. But it was the sadness in her blue eyes that melted my frozen heart.

She’s too young to be wearing those six-inch heels, or that dress cut so low her sweet tits are practically on display. She’s playing the part of being a model, but I can tell someone else is pulling the strings. Trouble is, this world will chew her up and spit her out like yesterday’s trash.

And I won’t let that happen.

With one look, my obsession takes hold. I resolve she will be mine before the clock strikes twelve. No matter who tries to get in my way.

Author’s Note: A control freak billionaire who has no time for love has his heart snatched straight from his chest in the blink of an eye. It’s over the top, no cheating, insta-love for these two, with heat that will melt the icicles from the rooftops.
This is the first book in the Kisses at Midnight series of standalones. Check out the other two books in the series: New Year, New Eve by Hope Ford and January’s First by Frankie Love!

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