Step-Bully (Wanting What’s Wrong #2)

You never know who your enemy is, until they are sitting at your dinner table.

Lula Reynolds has her hands full. Between her sick father, their failing scrapyard and an online bully, she’s ready to leave her dream of singing to sold out crowds behind, pack a bag and start a Tiki bar in Bora Bora.

When things couldn’t get worse, her mother blows into town on the arm of a highly skeezy new step-father whose bad-boy son is a level ten jerk. But he’s also got killer eyes and hands that make her body sing.

For Scotch Morrison, crushing the competition with shady deals and black-hat tactics is business 101. So, when his father brings home wife number five, he has no interest in getting attached. Only, his shiny new step-mother comes with baggage in the form of an eighteen year old daughter with curves for days and a take-no-crap attitude who changes everything.

It’s not long before the heat in the step-kitchen boils over, and Scotch decides Lula is more than just a nuisance. She’s his. To have. To hold.

And…to knock-up.

But if she finds out he’s the one that made her miserable for so long, will she ever forgive him? Or will their secret history turn their happily ever after into just another pile of scrap?

Author’s Note: This hero doesn’t realize it’s his luscious new step-sister he’s been terrorizing online. These two have no interest in their new dynamics until they get the first look at each other. Then it’s game on with forbidden fantasies and bad boy/good girl love at the speed of light. As always, it’s safe, no cheating and obsessed at first sight.

Wanting What’s Wrong Series: Step right up if you want to get down with some “No, no, we can’t, it’s so wrong.” action!

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All In A Day’s Orc

Being kidnapped by orcs was not how the day was supposed to start.

It was just a regular morning for Ivy Molina. Fighting with her brother at breakfast about how to save the family business after the most recent attack. Then, it all went south.

Now, she’s sitting in the bottom of a pit looking up at the biggest orc she’s ever seen. He’s her captor, her keeper and she should hate everything about him.

But, she doesn’t.
She pretends to.
Until, she can’t.

The angry, hulking orc has been charged with watching her until her fate is decided. Only, there’s far more going on here. His mating fever flames when the captive he’s supposed to guard is the human female he’s been stalking for months.

They are on opposite sides of a war. Can this rage filled orc unlock his heart for his one true mate? Or will duty and loyalty cost him a life he never thought he could have?

Author’s Note: These should-be enemies end up chained together in more ways than one. It’s opposites attract and zero to five spicy peppers in a Stockholm heartbeat. It’s safe, no cheating, fated mates and all the possessive, protective orc-ness you expect!

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