Two Wrongs

Grumpy and sworn off love, this hot shot divorce attorney never expected a second chance with the curvy brunette that holds his career in her hands.

Ending marriages has been my life’s focus. I’m an expensive, pay-by-the minute legal predator for my clients wishing to end their former happily ever afters. The work suits me and until I saw the little pin-up princess in the red dress sitting at the bar, I never thought I’d find mine.

As soon as I get eyes on her, I put a period end of the world’s worst blind date and watch her eat a panna cotta like It’s changing her life.

What she doesn’t know is she’s changing mine.

Unfortunately, this brazen beauty disappears before I can secure her into my life or even find out her name. Enter fate. When I walk into my mandatory anger management training the next day, guess who’s calling the shots?

Soon, I’ll be the one with my hands on her and this time, I’ll make sure she doesn’t get away.

Unless, a mysterious vengeful enemy takes away my happily ever after before it begins.

Author’s note: This over-the-top alpha goes to some extreme lengths to make sure his little retro future bride doesn’t give him the slip a second time. His methods may be less than legal, but he’s full-on focused on the end game. Getting her in his bed, tied to him in every way possible before she can even think of slipping away. Safe, no cheating ever and a happily ever after at the speed of light.

Get in on the first book in the LOVE ALWAYS FINDS A WAY series! This is Tor, the oldest brother’s story. These are short, sultry, summer treats. Enjoy!

Previously published under the same title. This book has been re-edited, additional content added and re-written in some portions but the storyline remains the same.

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Tempting the King: An Opposites Attract Grumpy Hockey Player Romance (Palate Teasers)

She’s an overachiever with control issues. He’s the king of chaos with no room in his life for love.

Hockey players are the worst clients ever.
They’re arrogant neanderthals, who’re completely out of touch with their emotions. But, that’s exactly where I come in.

See, I’m a professional cuddler and when the Detroit Blade’s hockey team has a problem, they send it my way.

Taking on another player is the last thing I want to do, but the deal is too sweet to turn down, so I’m stuck with one last grumpy, angry ice warrior named King Hertzog.

Big. Mistake.

With one platonic touch, he becomes obsessed with claiming me as his own and his caveman antics upend my perfectly ordered life.

I’ve always been in charge, but all of the sudden, when King says kneel, I find myself looking up into the icy eyes of the man that makes my insides melt and my heart hope for things it shouldn’t.

But, when I have to make a choice between family and love, will all our dreams come crashing down? Or, will we score the winning goal?

Author’s note: This superstitious hockey hero always keeps his big stick under wraps until the season is over. Only, some temptations are too much to resist. Will breaking his rules put his career in jeopardy? Or will the sexy red headed cuddler be just the incentive he needs to bring home the win for them both? Safe, no cheating, with a wild, over the top hero that will melt your heart.

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