Step-Savage (Wanting What’s Wrong #6)

Believe it or not, being a pregnant twenty-year-old virgin is not as biblical as it sounds.

Doing the world’s biggest favor for my rich best friend in exchange for some serious coin was supposed to launch my dream of becoming the next darling of Nashville.

Only, it all turned into a giant dumpster fire and while I’m trying to stomp out the flames, my dad calls to let me know he’s back from his cruise. And he’s married.

Now, I have a new stepbrother, the star of the Spokane Savages hockey team and the very definition of trouble, with smoldering eyes that make you want to drop your panties and spell out your name on his six pack with your tongue.

Before I know it, he’s onto the secret I’ve been hiding under my oversized hoodies and stretch pants and let’s just say, he’s found his new kink. We shouldn’t want each other but when the ice between us starts to melt, I learn exactly how to handle my hockey-star stepbrother’s big stick.

Only when I open a mysterious envelope, life gives me one more twist. I either need to run and never look back or go all in and pray for the hat trick of a lifetime.

Author’s Note: This icy hunk of a hero gets one look at his sprite of a stepsister and he’s ready to score. He leans in hard to his stalker side with cameras in her house and a tracker under her skin, but what he finds out turns his world upside down. There are some details to sort out, but he can’t keep his hands off the one thing he shouldn’t want. Never fear, it all gets wrapped up with a pretty happily ever after bow and an ending you didn’t see coming.

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Abandoned on his Mountain

The only color I’ve ever been allowed to wear is red.

My grandfather says it’s a warning to others that I’m impure. That I have the devil inside me.

When he catches me reading Cosmo and wearing makeup, he takes me to a remote mountain cabin with enough food to last until winter.

Between the howling wolves and the bears at the door, it’s clear I won’t make it that long. Then, a bearded mountain man as big as a grizzly comes along wielding a shotgun and I know in my heart, he’s here to protect me.

Except he says this is his mountain and I belong to him now. Have I just traded one devil for another? Or, will my sins be washed away by love?

Author’s Note: A little impurity might be just what you need! In fact, I’m sure of it, so get your read on with this uber, over-the-top romp in the woods with a hero that takes what he wants and a heroine who deserves a new start. The steam in this quick read starts out fast and never lets up. Let’s get it on!

The Palate Teaser Series…want a quicky? For 99 pennies? Then grab a treat…
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They are designed for those who love a low angst, extremely high heat, no cheating, palate-cleansing treat. The heroes are over the top and obsessed with their one and only. These are trope-heavy, taboo-friendly, and are designed to make you squirm.
So, suspend reality for a bit and get ready for some twisted fun, a happily ever after, and a smile.

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