Please, Daddy

All my thoughts about dying alone evaporate on the summer breeze as I watch the honey-haired beauty spin and twirl. I see her dusty bare feet as she dances for the crowd. Her blouse is cut too low, her haunting eyes hypnotizing all that watch and my thoughts turn primal, possessive…obsessed.

A wisp of a girl named Kezia is about to deconstruct my well-ordered life. She has the spirit of a fairy, but the bonds of an indentured servant, and no matter what it takes, I will free her and make her mine.

Because she’s awakened something inside me that will not be denied.

My sweet sprite, don’t worry, I’m here to take you home…

Author’s Note: Take one warm summer day at the local medieval fair, a few lifted wallets and a sheriff sent to investigate. This alpha hero’s big, hard, steel gun is loaded and ready to deliver. Always safe, no cheating, with happy endings all around. No one is related, they’re all consenting adults, but that doesn’t tame the heat level of this story, so grab your turkey leg and take a bite, I promise you’ll leave satisfied.

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