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When I headed west knowing the only way to survive was to start over, I never imagined I’d end up fighting for my life again.
The road has been my constant companion. When I found a new home with the Heartlands club, for the first time I felt things might change for me.

What I didn’t count on was finding something…no, someone, I’d fight for harder than I would for myself. She’s wandered into Seneca with a law degree and a vision for a future that sure doesn’t include a road worn brute like me.

She can take care of herself, but I want to do it for her. When the threats come my way, and she becomes a pawn used against me? All bets are off and I’m in for the fight of my life.

The alpha males of Heartlands Motorcycle Club are the most possessive, devoted, and territorial men in the country when it comes to the ones they love.

Heartlands is a rough and rugged new series of standalone stories. Written by four of the most trusted names in short and steamy romance, each book will get your motors revved and your hearts racing. Guaranteed.
XO, Frankie, Dani, Olivia, and Hope Ford

Book Nine – Hammer by Dani Wyatt:

Book Ten – Beckham by Olivia T. Turner:

Book Eleven – Bulldog by Hope Ford:

Book Twelve – Jackal by Frankie Love:

Releasing 6/30

As far back as I can remember all I’ve known is war and pain and death.

My mother always told me our people came into this world fighting and went out the same way. Only, something inside me died along the way; the desire for victory and destruction is no longer my muse.

Lost, I returned to the only place that felt like home since my own was destroyed long ago.
And that’s when it happened.
When she happened.

Raven hair and emerald eyes that hardened and melted me with one look. Lush hips and womanly curves called for me to do something I’d never before considered: make her mine, bind her to me, and I don’t even yet know her name. Her youth deserves better than a scarred monster ravaged from years of battle.

Still, deep down I know she is my destiny. But, when cruel secrets and painful history come to tear us apart, I find my true purpose. To settle old debts. To lay waste to those that wish to harm her. To secure that which was stolen from her.
To topple kingdoms to keep her.

Forever. No matter the bloodshed.

Readers: Fall into the first standalone in the Fated Royals series by Dani Wyatt and Nikolai Andrew. It’s a mix of modern with a historical, devious vibe that will leave you smelling the thistle and reaching for a cool mug of ale. It’s a Kindle melting story with villains and victory. Safe with no cheating, and always a happily ever after.


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Releasing 7/16

Release Date To Be Announced

Release Date To Be Announced

A brand new collaborative series with me and Nikolai Andrew. These books are darker, they have a fantasy setting and of course lots of hot sex!

Gypsy – Coming Soon!

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