When she walks into the bar she calls me by some other guys name, then sits on my lap and kisses me…I think I finally believe in the magic of Christmas.

Turns out, she just needed me to be her fake boyfriend, but when her lips planted on mine? There was nothing fake about it.

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Things get a little sticky when she walks in the conference room the next morning and we are on opposite sides of a lawsuit. One second, she’s treating me like the enemy, and the next?

We’re doing things in the back of my limousine that make me thankful for blackout windows. Only, I’m in town for one reason only.

That’s to ruin Christmas. Unless, Santa can deliver us a Christmas miracle.

This Christmas will be hotter than ever with four new standalones by four of your favorite romance authors! Light the fire, grab a glass of wine, and settle into your favorite chair for A Cozy AF Christmas!

A Cozy AF Christmas

Snow Place Like Home by Olivia T. Turner

The Snuggle is Real by Frankie Love

Totally Smitten by Hope Ford

Polar Opposites by Dani Wyatt

Who knew my undoing would drive into the Badlands in an orange and white VW Bus?

Wynter Wyatt is everything I’d hoped I would never find. I’ve spent my life avoiding what most shifters wait for their entire lives.

Their mate.

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Not me. I want none of it. It’s too risky. For her and for me.

But, she keeps showing up. Tempting me and my resolve is weakening. Enter one meddling grandmother, a small cabin in the woods, and my inner bear decides it’s time to take charge.

Wynter opens my heart, making me forget why I never wanted what only she can give me. Until, the very thing that tore my family apart, returns and threatens to take Wynter from me.

Will history repeat itself? Or will love and forgiveness give us both a new start.

Reader’s Note: This surly shifter is about to get throat punched by a curvy brunette driving a hippy mobile. They have a bumpy start, but once the clothes start flying, these two steam up the Badlands until the snow starts melting from the mountaintops. Oh, and yep, they’re both first timers, so get ready to hear those cherries go POP! Safe, insta-love, over the top with all the furry goodness a bear shifter from the Badlands can offer.

My family had wealth beyond measure. We were feared. Respected throughout the land.

But it wasn’t enough for them. They wanted a title. They wanted to be royalty.

So, my brother will marry a princess, paper though she may be, the issue of her willingness never a concern. The whole charade repulsed me.

Until I met her.

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Valeria…delicate, yet able to bring a man to his knees with a choke hold no one would see coming. Behind those emerald eyes and honey-colored hair, she has the heart of a hellcat.

She is the pawn in a deal that forgives a heavy debt. A debt that, if left unpaid, will destroy everything she loves. I’m her only hope. And she’s mine. Until the blade of a knife separates us.

Maybe forever.

Readers: The fourth standalone book in the Fated Royals series is here! This princess is no pushover but she’s met her match in the brother of her fiancé. It’s tactical seduction with a side of knife play in this safe, no cheating ever, fantasy historical romp from Dani Wyatt & Nikolai Andrew.

When I headed west knowing the only way to survive was to start over, I never imagined I’d end up fighting for my life again.
The road has been my constant companion. When I found a new home with the Heartlands club, for the first time I felt things might change for me.

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What I didn’t count on was finding something…no, someone, I’d fight for harder than I would for myself. She’s wandered into Seneca with a law degree and a vision for a future that sure doesn’t include a road worn brute like me.

She can take care of herself, but I want to do it for her. When the threats come my way, and she becomes a pawn used against me? All bets are off and I’m in for the fight of my life.

The day I met her was the best and the worst day of my life.

Anika was the temptation I didn’t see coming. She had the wisdom of an owl, the spirit of a wolf and the majesty of an eagle. With copper hair, the freckles of youth and the curves of a woman, my dreams night and day were filled with what I wanted from her.

What I wanted to do with her.

What I knew we could never have.

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The corpses piled up over the years as I carried out my silent, sworn duty to protect her at all costs. But when she flees from her royal fate, what was once off limits is now my sole purpose.

We will run. As long and hard as we must, until we find our own happily ever after.

Even if it takes a lifetime.

Readers: The third standalone book in the Fated Royals series is here! He’s as obsessed as they come. We’re talking full on stalker with no shame. So, tighten your corsets, grab a chalice of wine and get ready for a hot, wild ride in this safe, no cheating ever, fantasy historical romp from Dani Wyatt & Nikolai Andrew.

When I saw her bite into that apple, I knew she would be my original sin.

My face and body bear the memories of a fire meant to destroy me. But though my life as the scarred Bastard Prince has been its own sort of hell, my eyes have looked upon heaven.

And heaven’s name is Iris.

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I keep myself hidden, watching her from behind my mask. I’m a monster to be kept in the shadows, and in turn the shadows have been my friend.

When she finally sees me, she doesn’t see the monster. She sees the man. And I know I can never let her go.But fate is a cruel mistress, and when Iris is taken from me, I must put my grief aside. Revenge is my new purpose. Even if I have to take it out on my own family.

Loyalty be damned. My mask is off. The monster is free.

May God have mercy on the souls of those that chose to harm what is mine. Because I will not.

Readers: The second stand alone book in the Fated Royals series is here. A bit darker, so if you don’t fancy some heat in the dungeon with bound wrists and a strong hand around a throat, this may not be the fairytale for you. If you do, you’ll be assured a dominant prince that finds his forever and will burn down kingdoms to secure what is his. Safe, no cheating and a happily ever after—even when it feels like all hope is lost.

As far back as I can remember all I’ve known is war and pain and death.

My mother always told me our people came into this world fighting and went out the same way. Only, something inside me died along the way; the desire for victory and destruction is no longer my muse.

Lost, I returned to the only place that felt like home since my own was destroyed long ago.
And that’s when it happened.
When she happened.

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Raven hair and emerald eyes that hardened and melted me with one look. Lush hips and womanly curves called for me to do something I’d never before considered: make her mine, bind her to me, and I don’t even yet know her name. Her youth deserves better than a scarred monster ravaged from years of battle.

Still, deep down I know she is my destiny. But, when cruel secrets and painful history come to tear us apart, I find my true purpose. To settle old debts. To lay waste to those that wish to harm her. To secure that which was stolen from her.To topple kingdoms to keep her.

Forever. No matter the bloodshed.

Readers: Fall into the first standalone in the Fated Royals series by Dani Wyatt and Nikolai Andrew. It’s a mix of modern with a historical, devious vibe that will leave you smelling the thistle and reaching for a cool mug of ale. It’s a Kindle melting story with villains and victory. Safe with no cheating, and always a happily ever after.

Why doesn’t anyone pray for Satan?

He needs it. But so do I, because Kristina Joy Kennedy is killing me. It’s been a year since I first saw her, wearing a white dress, blonde hair braided back with a cute pink bow at the bottom, walking into the church across the street from the Ride or Die bar. A year since my heart came alive. A year since she first told me to get lost.

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We are worlds apart. I’m the chaplain of the Heartlands MC, and she runs the food pantry at her father’s church. I’m no saint and I’ve got the blood on my hands to prove it. She wants nothing to do with me and I don’t blame her.

Only, when someone sets the church on fire, and she’s trapped inside? Everything changes. I’m done waiting. You never know if tomorrow will come and I’ve wasted too many tomorrows already.

I’m coming for you, Kristina. God help us all.

Author’s Note: He may have 666 tattooed just above his meat and two veg, but when he sees his one and only for the first time, all he hears are church bells. She makes him work for it, but in the end, it’s all happily ever afters and riding his Harley into the sunset. Always safe, no cheating, way over the top and hallelujahs all around.

Ryder can’t forget her. Chloe is his everything.

She’s awakened something inside of him he didn’t know existed. He will be her Daddy and she will always be his Baby.

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Other evil forces work to keep them apart. But, Ryder will topple kingdoms and scorch the earth for his precious babygirl.

Author’s note: This book contains strong Daddy and babygirl elements. If this is not your thing, this book may not be for you.

This book is exclusively available free to newsletter subscribers. It is not for sale anywhere else.

Book 7 of Thickwood, CO

For three years I hid in the shadows watching her.

Which is no easy task when I have to duck to get through doorways and Dwayne Johnson would need to bulk up to give me a run for my money.

I’d could take on a tank and have it turning tail and calling for mama. Me, Miller ‘The Grip’ Graham, is terrified of one thing and her name is Katarina – my kitten – Harcourt. She’s my everything with sapphire eyes, slow voluptuous curves and a smile that would make the devil reform.

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Trouble is, around her, I can’t seem to get a word out. But today is my day. I’ve just won the log toss at the local Lumberjack Jamboree and I’m riding high. I see her, my dick is hard and it’s go time.

The minute I gather my courage, stomp over to claim what is mine, she hands me something that nearly tears my world apart. I thought I was here to save her, turns out I’m the one that needs saving.

Author’s Note: This mountain man has met his match. When the object of his obsession hands him a tiny bundle of furry fury, he’s in way over his head. He needed her before, but who knew a tiny kitten could bring this hulk to his knees. She’s taming the tiny beast and melting the heart of another. A happily ever after from the top of the mountain—where they can both see forever.

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve teamed up with Jenika Snow, Jordan Marie, Mila Crawford, Aria Cole, Frankie Love, Tory Baker, and L. Nicole to bring you THICKWOOD, CO.In Thickwood the men work hard but love harder.This series is all about possessive, alpha, and over-the-top mountain men who will stop at nothing to claim their women.

Book 4 of Men of the Woods

I fell in love with her the second she pointed that rifle at my head.

When she threatened to put a bullet between my eyes, I knew I had to have her. She reminds me of one of those animated princesses, with white-blond hair to her waist, curves that make it hard to walk straight and ice-blue eyes that told me…I’d found the one.

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I never thought much about why I waited…you know, the big ‘V’ sort of waited…but now I know. She will be my first. She will be my last. I will give her everything—and then a little more.

Only, someone else is after what belongs to me and he’ll go to any lengths to take back what he believes is rightfully his. But he will have to go through me first.

And that ain’t gonna happen.

Author’s Note: This isn’t your standard issue, double V card romance. These two are fierce, independent and when this lumber-hunk throws her over his shoulder and carries her home, well…let’s just say in the heat of what happens next, all those V cards turn to ash. It’s safe, insta-hot, insta-love with all the sticky sweet happily ever after you expect.

Book 2 of the Heartlands MC

Most people see me as the smart, nerdy girl scared of her own shadow. But what I am, is a woman sick of watching the powerful prey on the powerless and I have zero guilt tipping those scales in the other direction.

I point my finger on a map, make my self at home, and set my sights on my next target. Only, what I don’t anticipate when I roll into my next town, is Chain Jackson. He doesn’t take kindly to my scam and before I know it, I’m locked in a room with the crew of the Heartlands Motorcycle Club outside my door deciding my fate.

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You’d think being kidnapped and having your life threatened would be a low point. Instead, when the door closes and it’s just me and Chain? It’s all high points, and I have to decide whether to come clean or plan my escape.Problem is, if I stay, I may lose my life. If I leave, I will lose my heart.

Author’s Note: This curvy grifter may have met her match. The treasurer of the Heartlands MC may look rough around the edges but between the ears he’s no slouch. And between the legs? He’s packing more horsepower than is legal. These two may want to kill each other at first, but that doesn’t last. It’s over the top, safe with love at zero to sixty in the blink of an eye.


Dimitri Dolce Cossack is a huge jerk. The whole world knows it’s true.

Except, he’s not being a jerk to me. Not after I got jilted on a date which, at least to my mother, might have been the chance of a lifetime—for a girl like me to land the legendary financial white whale.

Not what happened. Instead, I end up in the private dining room of one of the most famous restaurateurs in the world. He’s a wall of black suit, with charm flaming in his blue eyes, and the whole thing has me spinning.

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And what do I serve him?

My cherry.

Only to find out, I’m just a conquest for him.

This Valentine’s Day, my world is falling apart. There no time for love when everything you know and love is in pieces. But sometimes cupid is a determined little pest. Those arrows sure sting, but a little pain is sometimes just what we need.

Author’s Note: These foodies have a taste for each other from the first moment. It’s sweet, steamy and oh so over the top. Always safe, and with a happy ending that will leave you drooling.

Five minutes was all it took.

Five minutes with the beast off its leash and three guys were sprawled and bloody on the floor of my parents’ bar. Next thing I know, I’m a viral sensation with a professional fighting contract.

But even as I landed each punch, all I could see was her face. All I could think about was her kiss.
All I knew, was I had to have her.

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One look, and the brunette with the inquisitive eyes and drool-worthy curves had my world turned upside down. I’ll never fight for pride. Only for the win. Only for family. For honor.

And now, for Maggie.No matter who tries to take her from me.The fight is on, and I won’t lose.

Author’s Note: This MMA romance will knock you off your feet. He’s alpha, obsessed and has finally found the one thing worth fighting for. As always, you can expect safe, love at the speed of light, totally over the top romance. So it’s time to take off the gloves and melt into this filthy fight that will have you rooting for the champ—and a happily ever after.

Maybe it was that dark hair and those pouty red lips that first caught my eye, or perhaps it was her scent I caught on the air. But it was the sadness in her blue eyes that melted my frozen heart.

She’s too young to be wearing those six-inch heels, or that dress cut so low her sweet tits are practically on display. She’s playing the part of being a model, but I can tell someone else is pulling the strings. Trouble is, this world will chew her up and spit her out like yesterday’s trash.

And I won’t let that happen.

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With one look, my obsession takes hold. I resolve she will be mine before the clock strikes twelve. No matter who tries to get in my way.

Author’s Note: A control freak billionaire who has no time for love has his heart snatched straight from his chest in the blink of an eye. It’s over the top, no cheating, insta-love for these two, with heat that will melt the icicles from the rooftops.This is the first book in the Kisses at Midnight series of standalones. Check out the other two books in the series: New Year, New Eve by Hope Ford and January’s First by Frankie Love!

When I walk into the party, my skirt is too tight. My heels are too high. The buttons on my sweater are about to pop off and shoot someone’s eye out. It’s been years since I first laid eyes on the tall drink of eggnog that is Cole Rudolph, and my panties haven’t been the same since.

Never mind he’s my overly protective father’s best friend.

And business partner.

And he’s twenty years older than me.


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He’s top of my Christmas list, but there’s no way he would ever see me as anything other than his best friend’s chubby daughter, right?

Only, tonight something feels different. The way he’s looking at me, the way his eyes linger on my curves a moment too long. When we end up driving home together, my sugarplums and his jingle balls get all tangled up in the tinsel.

There’s about a million reasons this will never work, but I’m throwing caution to the winter wind and seeing just what sort of twinkle I can put in his eye.

And everywhere else.

Author’s Note: When this dominant, older Daddy alpha sets his sights on this curvy, innocent forbidden fruit that’s been dangled in front of him for years, nothing will get in his way. It’s love at the speed of Santa’s sleigh, with all the trimmings you expect. Safe, over the top, ice-melting hot and a dreamy happily ever after.

For all my twenty human years, finding love was never a consideration. Yet here I am, on the eve of the most important birthday of my complicated life, and my well-ordered world has been turned upside down by a mortal.

With his dark eyes and quick reflexes, Maxim Forsythe didn’t just save me, he left me breathless. This monster of a man had me feeling all the human things I’ve read about in books and seen in movies, but knew deep down in my soul were not meant for me.

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Still, that doesn’t stop the human half of me from making some very dangerous decisions. You see, promises were made long ago to keep me safe. To keep my family safe. Breaking those promises means everything that matters in my life will be destroyed. But if I keep them, my humanity will be lost forever.

And so will Maxim.

Author’s note: This is vampire love, Dani style complete with double V-cards! Fast, hot and not without risk. These star-crossed V-card holders (yes, both of them) have epic hurdles to overcome if they are to find their happily ever after. But, never fear, this alpha mortal knows no limits when it comes to taking, and keeping, what belongs to him. Always safe, no cheating ever, over the top love—with a happily ever after that lasts into eternity.

I’m the deal maker. The winner. The ice man. Nothing phases me.

Until now.

For the first time in my life, I’m nervous. I’m afraid I might lose. Because the deal I want to make with this

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sweet doll that showed up to pet-sit my grumpy ass bulldog is the most important one of my life. In the span of ten minutes she’s made my dick hard. Made my heart come to life. Made my soul take flight. I would be the stupidest man alive to let her go. She’s barely a breeze over eighteen and I know I’m too old for her but I don’t care. When you know, you know. And man, do I know. Only, there’s someone else that wants what’s mine. And in the end, if he can’t have her, he’s going to make sure no one does. But it’s my duty to fight for what I love—and I don’t fight fair. Author’s Note: This alpha won’t let anything stand in the way of securing what he knows is his. He hasn’t looked at a woman in longer than he can remember but once he sees her, all bets are off. This is safe, way over the top with a crazed hero that will stop at nothing to make the deal of a lifetime.


Driving down a dark street in blinding rain, I hit something.

That something turns out to be Esme Tremain. She’s running from someone, but I’m going to be sure she doesn’t run from me.

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With one look at those red lips and mouthwatering curves, I’m instantly obsessed. When I tell her she belongs to me and she answers with, ‘Yes, Daddy’, her fate is sealed.

I’ll protect her.

I’ll possess her.

I’ll do anything for her.

Only, this sweet, smart intern at the DA’s office doesn’t know who I really am. I walk on the other side of the law and our differences may be the fire that burns the bridge between us. What she doesn’t know is, once I take all of her, I’m never letting her go.

Author’s Note: He may be nearly twice her age, and three times her size but when this smoldering hunk of organized crime hears his princess call him Daddy for the first time, he melts. Get your babygirl on with this over the top, possessive, filthy Daddy. Yep, yep safe, no cheating, a happy ending and no one is really related here, it’s all yummy Daddy Dom babygirl fun.


Originally included in the CAN’T WAIT bundle. Now available as a standalone with new EXCLUSIVE additional chapters!

She didn’t think I saw her. Hiding behind her ball cap and baggy clothes, but Jesus did I see her. I’ve followed her, spied on her, stalked her.

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See, I’m not a good guy. I’ve never wanted anyone in my life except my clients. The ones that take from me and I take back with forty-percent on top and maybe a few broken fingers. This can’t be happening. One phone call, one revelation and the one I’ve set my sights on can never be mine. Not in the way I’ve imagined every night for half a year. How will I ever look her in those silver eyes and not think of taking her in all the filthy ways I’ve imagined? Only, things aren’t what they seem. Fate opens the door and I’m not just going to walk through; I’m doing to kick it down. When she finds out who I am, what I am, it may all be over anyway, but until then I’m chasing down what’s mine even if it’s wrong. Author’s Note: It’s the most taboo sort of mis-understanding but makes these two struggle to come to terms with what they are feeling. It’s fast, hard and all the best sort of smutty. So, sit back, suspend reality and take a happily ever after ride, safe, no cheating and all the usual naughtiness you expect.


I’ve tried so very hard to be good. Papa does not tolerate disobedience and I would never go against his wishes. That’s until, Ash Thompson tracks me down and tells me all the things he is going to do for me. All the things he wants to do to me.

He’s the devil tempting me from the outside. Papa says money makes people evil, but Ash Thompson’s 

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eyes tell me otherwise. His sinful touch has me ready to taunt the devil and lay waste to my purity.

Only, the preacher’s daughter has obligations. There is no way I could go against my upbringing.

Or could I?

Author’s Note: Take one innocent preacher’s daughter. A few secret YouTube videos. A billionaire who falls in love with a sassy food blogger. And boom. You have a recipe for an explosive encounter that will have you licking your lips and rooting for all that is sinful. Always safe, no cheating, insta-love with a happily ever after that leaves you with a sigh. 


I never thought moving to a new town for a fresh start would include a growly woodsman who has me changing my panties several times a day.

His body is cut from the same hard wood that I see pressing out from under his jeans whenever we are close. I’ve never been this interested in a man, but whenever I think of Roan, parts of me tingle I didn’t 

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know I had. One second, his hands are giving me pleasure I couldn’t have imagined then the next, they’ve got me over his knee teaching me lessons you don’t learn in school.

Once he gets me under his roof, there’s no turning back. He shows me just what it’s going to mean to belong to him and belong to him I will. For a moment, I’m in heaven, until the very thing that brought me here to Roan’s world, is the thing that may keep us apart. 

Author’s Note: This chunk of knotty pine will stoke your fire and bend your knees. It’s hot, over the top, safe and with a possessive alpha that will stop at nothing to bring what belongs to him safely back home.


Cain Matthews lives life on his terms. His ax and the trees of the forest his only companions for as long as he can remember. When his brother moves back to town and he lays eyes on the forbidden fruit he’s brought with him, his simple life becomes very, very complicated.

Melody Lane thought she was living the fairy tale. Schooled and living in London with her mom and dad, she wakes up one morning to find out you can’t predict what’s to come. Moving a continent away and starting a new life isn’t the worst of it. When her father introduces her to the sexy, brooding woodsman, she’s sure life is just one cruel joke.

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They shouldn’t want each other. It’s every kind of wrong but when Melody shows up on Cain’s doorstep, things that should be wrong, become very, very right.

Author’s Note: Ever had a crush on someone you know you shouldn’t? Yeah, me too. Get ready for taboo vibes with some backwoods scent. This naughty little ditty is going to tickle your oh-no-we-shouldn’t parts. Love at the speed of light, no cheating, short smut with a happy ending that will swoon your wool socks off. These two aren’t actually related and everyone is over eighteen so we good.

Part of the MEN OF THE WOODS series of stand alone LUMBER HUNKY GOODNESS!


When my feet hit the dirt at the Big Sky Dude Ranch, I have a pretty good idea what to expect. What happens next nearly shakes me out of my brand-new cowboy boots. See, I’m here to write a travel article, but in one instant my interest in saddles, horses, and the Montana sky evaporate. All I see are blue eyes, chiseled cheekbones, and a black cowboy hat.

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What I find out, is the quiet cowboy who owns this land is the measure of alpha. Quiet. Controlled. He’s older but has a body carved from fresh air and decades of hard work.

I do what I can to maintain my professionalism. After all, for two days he’s barely looked my way. And yet, he’s ruined every pair of panties I brought. 

One slip and everything changes. Garrett West shows me what’s underneath that calm cowboy exterior. And, let me tell you, it’s big.

Except, we are from different worlds. Different decades. And some differences may be impossible to overcome.

Author’s Note: Saddle up for a ride that will leave you weak in the knees. This May-December pair do their best to maintain some distance, but once they are forced to touch, the sky opens and worlds collide in the hottest sort of way. Always safe, no cheating, and love at the speed of light.



If you like your reads, fast, hard with love at the speed of a look, dive in to the CAN’T WAIT collection. This bundle also includes a NEVER BEFORE PUBLISHED book, Our Turn! You get three of Dani’s hottest novellas along with an exclusive new read only included here.

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The Can’t Wait Collection includes…Keeping Her CloseBack to HerLet goOur Turn

Get your hot read on!

It’s just the right mix of sweet and smutty. As always, my books are safe, no cheating and end with a satisfied sigh and a walk into the sunset.


It’s impossible to know when you’ve found the one from a photo, right?


In a matter of thirty seconds, all my years knowing I’d die alone evaporate. Work is my life. My oil rigs are my girlfriends, my wives, and they take all of my time.

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The woman I see looking back at me on my phone screen is also about to become my step-sister. Turns out, she has nearly as much interest in a relationship as I did before her ice blue eyes melted my frozen heart. The most challenging job of my life is to convince her we were made for each other.There’s a storm brewing from the past. Old losses turn to new grudges and they threaten to ruin everything. She’s too good for me. Too smart. Too everything. But, she’s mine, and I’ll breathe my dying breath making sure we get our shot. When you find the one, you just know.Author’s Note: Take a hard-living oil field alpha, a Mensa smart over-achiever a heap of blasting powder, a few old grudges from the past and watch things ignite. These two are the least likely to succeed together but in every way that counts are perfect. As always, this novella is safe, no cheating, steamy like scalding coffee and a happy ending that leaves you with a sigh.


Rockstar. Actor. Entrepreneur. I’m Lachlan Marcus, and I just walked out on my empire. I bought a ball cap and a pair of cheap sunglasses and took the first bus leaving the station.

I landed in a small town looking straight into the eyes of an angel with auburn curls and curves that bring to life my inner barbarian, determined to make her mine. She’s naïve, yet wise, and sees directly into my soul like no one ever before.
Within twenty-four hours, I’ve got her inside the wedding chapel and my last name attached to her.

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Only she has no idea who I really am. I represent everything in this world she’s been taught to distrust.The life I left has come calling, and I’m losing her before our life together can even begin.

Author’s Note: This famous hero hasn’t touched a woman in longer than he can remember, and she’s never been kissed. They don’t waste any time heating up the pages and making up for what they’ve been missing. This super-fast steamy read is safe, no cheating and has the best kind of happy ending.

Book Three in the CAN’T WAIT standalone series.

When blind date number twenty-eight turned into a barfight with me throwing the first punch, I was about ready to give up on the idea of love. That’s when a six-foot four wall of muscle scooped me up, took over my fight and made sure number twenty-eight got a lesson in how to treat a lady.

Next thing I know, I’m breaking my number one rule. Nothing more than a kiss on a first date. Only, my 

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knight in shining armor isn’t really a date. He’s the one that saved me from my date, so the rules don’t apply, right?

At least that’s what I’m telling myself as he’s got me pinned against the wall, the scent of a thousand orchids in the air, whispering all the filthy, delicious things he’s about to do to me.

What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, a lot and all my fantasies of happily ever after evaporate when I realize my past is the very thing that will ruin his future.

Author’s Note: These two heat things up from the first page. If you’re looking for a love at the speed of light, growly alpha who takes what’s his in every position possible then dive in. These two shouldn’t work, but they work so well. Always safe, no cheating and a happily ever after that heals them both..


Whenever I’m within ten feet of Eve Cupid, all I can do is grunt and try to hide my erection. It’s not just the effect she has on my body. It’s the effect she’s having on my heart…and my soul. 

It’s her smile. It’s the way her fingers dance on the piano keys. When she sings, the sound of her voice makes things happen in my chest I didn’t know were possible. 

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It’s Christmas, and all I can think of is how to get her under my tree. As luck would have it, she needs a Christmas tree and my family happens to own a Christmas tree farm. 

When my holiday wish finally comes true, it’s gone as quickly as it came, because neither of us knows how to repair the sins of the past. 

Author’s Note: Enjoy this holiday wonder with a grunty alpha, a kind-hearted girl trying to rebuild her life, and a whole lot of yummy sexy times under the twinkling Christmas lights. Always safe, no cheating, a little angst, and for sure a happily ever after for all..


When Riona Farrell stepped out from behind the bar with hair the color of fire and a song on her lips she shot an arrow straight through my heart. In that second, the truth of our family legend hit me like a brick to the forehead.

Since I was a little boy my father and grandfather told me in this world there is one woman for me. 

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Since I was a little boy my father and grandfather told me in this world there is one woman for me. Seems my lack of interest in any other females before today was more than my ridiculously high standards.

Our first time will be together, but I won’t take her until she’s completely mine. Even if I have to drag her kicking and screaming down the aisle. Only, I screwed up. I didn’t tell her the truth and I may have just lost the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

Author note: If you like a little Irish Whiskey mixed in with your double virgin fantasy, then belly up to the bar here’s a lucky charm for you. These two will melt your hearts and steam your cabbage. Safe, steamy and full of happily ever as always. .


From the moment I saw her in the greenhouse checkout line fumbling for change, I changed. I smiled for Christ sake. It felt odd. I couldn’t remember the last time anything made me smile.

See, I’m not in the smiling sort of business. My life hasn’t given me much to smile about for a long time.

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This five-foot-nothing package of contradictions has me turning my life upside down. With her crooked glasses and her blonde bangs that are always in her eyes, she’s one half my little girl. In the next breath, she’s pure sex with a backside that looks best with my handprint on both cheeks. 

The first time she called me Daddy, I knew I’d never be the same. I want to be a better man because of her. She’s mine, my everything and I’ll protect her to the ends of the earth.

The only problem is. I may have to. 

Author’s Note: This is pure Daddy heaven. Rough talking Russian meets his one of a kind cherub, and his cold heart starts beating again. It starts dirty and ends dirtier, but in between is all the yumminess of a possessive Daddy trying to change his life for his babygirl. And just for the record, no one is related here and they are all over the age of 18.

Originally included in the Daddy Issues bundle, Kiss Me Goodnight is re-released as a standalone with NEW exclusive epilogue content!
The day I met her I was trying to decide if staying alive was a viable option for me.

Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes 

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Then, one look at the girl who is now mine to raise and those dark thoughts are vanquished. With eyes the color of sunflowers and a smile that tells me she needs me had me making a promise to myself in that instant.

I will never touch her. She’s too pure. It’s wrong.

Except, each time she calls me Daddy, my resolve weakens.

I can’t help myself. I ask her for something. Something that breaks that very promise.Kiss me goodnight.

God help us both.

Author’s Note: Cupid delivers an arrow straight to the hearts of these two in Kiss Me Goodnight. It’s that special sort of love, the obsessed stalker kind. Have fun and be a good girl for Daddy. No one is related here and all above the consenting age of eighteen plus some. Just so ya know. It’s all above board. Just feels so, so dirty.


Going to prison and taking the fall was my gift to Mia. How was I to know her father would disappear with her and I would lose her forever? After serving my five years I’m finally out, but bars or no bars, I’m still in hell.

I never believed in miracles until today. Because I’ve found her. All plush softness, sorrowful eyes and 

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lips that call to be kissed. She’s right here in the same place I’d met her all those years ago when she was too young. Before I could touch her. 

There is no force on heaven or earth that will take her from me again. No force that will keep my hands off her now. I will take her. I will do as I please with her because she is mine. Now and forever. God help us both.

Author’s Note: Take five years waiting for her to be legal. Then another five locked up in prison and you’ve got one powder keg of alpha naughtiness waiting to explode. This love at the speed of light novella will warm your heart and your nether regions. All you expect…safe, smutty, swoony and happily ever after.


Until Malcolm Knight set his eyes upon that curvy cherub of a Christmas elf in his department store’s Santa’s Village, Christmas meant nothing to him except what it did for the bottom line. Now, his Scrooge is melting away along with thoughts of if her sugar plums taste as good as they look.

Penny Evergreen lives for Christmas. When her parents send her to New York for a month-long training 

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to relieve the piano prodigy of her paralyzing stage fright, she takes one look at the elaborate Christmas Village at the prestigious Knight & Knight department store and she hatches a holiday plan of her own.

Will these two star crossed opposites attract? Or will their deceptions be the end of this holiday fairy tale before it has a chance to take off?

Author’s Note: Grab your candy canes and sit in front of the fire. This sugary sweet Christmas story will warm your heart and melt your panties. This May December quick holiday romance is sure to have you asking Santa for some Malcolm of your very own. Complete insta-everything, safe and always a happy ending. Or two. Or ten. 


By the time Flint Rendell caught the beautiful, curvy brunette in mid-air, he already knew he’d never let her go. Flint figured his life of chopping down trees and building his cabin in the woods far from civilization, would be his life. He’d never found much use for other people, but from the moment he caught a glimpse of her, everything changed.

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Wren Reynolds lived a nomad’s life with her hippie parents until a tragedy stole everything from her. Starting over in the middle of nowhere she dreamt of finding peace again. When the local lumberhunk rides in on his white horse to save her from herself, her dreams begin to change, and she starts to believe in fairy tales again.

But, fate had different ideas, and an incarceration that saves her, but sends Flint away changes everything. Can these two find their way back or will the real world have its way, and end their happily ever after before it has its chance to begin?

Author’s Note: The scent of pines and sex will have you swooning for this match made in backwoods heaven. One hunky lumberjack who’s not touched a woman in years finds his one and only, in this sweet, smutty first book in the CUT series. All standalone stories sure to have you dreaming of flannel and wishing for a piece of hard wood all your own.


Dirty Men Who Work Hard

Dahlia Ferrell emerged from the back of a black limousine and stepped right into my life. I knew the second I saw those curves hidden behind a loose pair of khaki pants and blue button down, I was all but lost. I’m not sure she’s even legal, but it doesn’t matter, I’ll wait. Nothing female has caught my eye in 

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years and now I know why. I’ve been saving all of me for all of her. 

But, fate has a strange way of throwing obstacles in the path to happiness. She snatched up my heart with her wild red hair and dimples, then as quickly as I found her, she was gone. Leaving me back on the road, towing my house behind me on my way to yet another lonely drill site. 

Only this time, on an icy dirt road in North Texas, fate decided to give me a second chance. I’m not letting her out of my sight again. I’m not sure what a sweet, wonder like her could see in a man like me, but I’m done questioning. I’m taking what’s mine and anyone that thinks otherwise better be ready for a hella of a fight. I’m never letting her go. 

Author’s Note: This little smoking hot read is all about a dirty man and a smart young lady who destiny decides to toss together. He’s a little older, a little rough and she’s sweet, innocent but don’t let that fool you. This heroine isn’t afraid to be herself and that’s just what this roughneck ordered. It’s instalove, possessive obsession from first glance.


Is it possible to fall in love at the sight of a wisp of jet black hair swirling out an open window of a pickup? In a thousand lifetimes, I would have said, ‘Hell no’. But today I learned not only is it possible, it’s fucking happening. To me. I’d all but given up on love but apparently, it hadn’t given up on me.

When Maria Garcia McGowan stepped out of that truck, her sweet scent hit me and this cowboy was 

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done for. None too happy to be stuck in a cow poke town like Cooper’s Mill, a brainy beauty like her will take some convincing to stick around. Even if I have to tie her to the bedpost, I’m not letting her get away. She’s mine.

I’ve tamed more than my fair share of mustangs, and this sweet filly is about to be lassoed. Except, small town gossip and jealousy have a way of poking their nose into even the sweetest of happy endings. 

Author Note: It takes some angry turkeys and a heck of a storm, but these two lovebirds will have you reaching for a paper fan and sucking on an ice cube to cool things off. A hunky cowboy and a whip smart city girl are just the ticket for this safe, steamy and oh-so-happily-ever-after book with everything you expect from Dani Wyatt..


Deep waters are treacherous enough, but Everly Mantel never thought she would lose her heart there. But when the hunky, gruff captain of a local fishing boat turns her tender ass bright red, all her former ideas about how love didn’t fit into her life are turned upside down. 

James Morelock took one look at those khaki shorts and the wild tangle of red hair and something inside 

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James Morelock took one look at those khaki shorts and the wild tangle of red hair and something inside him caught fire. Years of telling himself love was for fools broke over the bow of his heart and opened a spot he’d forever thought closed. Only, he’s not sure his version of love is something this smart newcomer to Port Hope will understand. 

Will these two weather the storms of their past and finally give love a chance? Or will James’s rough love and possessive obsession be more than Everly is willing to accept?

Author’s Note: Liam and Wyatt will smoke your sardines straight out of the can with their debut collaboration. Hot, rough, safe and just the right amount of adventure, you will be fanning yourself and rooting for these two to find their happily ever after. Which they will. Guaranteed.


Black Rousseau has honored the code and kept his distance from the one thing in this world that means something to him. But things are about to change. Black’s just received the blessing he’s been waiting for since the moment he set eyes on his boss’ daughter.

Growing up in the biker bar her father owned, Roxie Lear dreams of getting out of Hell, Michigan. The 

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only other thing she’s always wanted is Black Rousseau. But he treats her like she doesn’t exist. Until the day her father goes to prison, that is. And Black lets her know what’s been boiling behind his cool indifference all these years.

Will Black’s preparations to claim Roxie once and for all be too much for her? Will the darkness inside of him frighten away the only thing in this world he’s ever needed?

Author note: This alpha is a little dark and a bit brutal but he cherishes what is his. As always, this story is safe/no cheating with the perfect happy ending. Strap on your wrist cuffs and your safe word, this hot quickie of a smutty read will have you questioning your morals and wiggling in your seat. 



Taking what he wants has never been a second thought for Lincoln Kirk. His empire of private, high stakes poker rooms has brought him everything he thought he wanted in this life. Until it didn’t. The moment the lush, blond pixie burst into his life with her Mae West hips and Judy Garland smile, all bets were off.

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Holli Holliday works a poker room like a swan on a still lake. Gliding through life on a hustle is what’s gotten her this far. Her dreams for the future don’t include poker and worrying about back rent, but she needs one more good score before she can take back the reins on her runaway life. 

To settle a debt, Lincoln Kirk offers Holli the option of staying with him just until morning. Can one night turn into forever? Or will dangerous plans for starting a new life end one of theirs?

Author’s Note: Toss your chips on the pile because you are in for a long night. This sweet novella will steam your wrinkles flat and have you stacking the deck rooting for these two. It’s love at first sight, straight to the sticky bits with a happily ever after that will leave you swooning. 



One bite of the tofu chipotle burger at his latest venture capital investment and Rueger Marshall is hooked. But not on the food. He has eyes for the sweet and clumsy waitress with the twenty-six sloth buttons on her apron. If he has his way, she’s about to find out just what it means to be his babygirl. And, what it means to follow the rules.

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Lexi Chase has three misdemeanors and a new probation mentor she’s supposed to meet. Her job at the vegan deli doesn’t offer much excitement, until the day the man with the lumberjack beard and the handmade suit sits in her section and teaches her about destiny.

Can Rueger ever come to grips with the fantasies of Lexi wide-eyed, looking up at him with the name ‘Daddy’ on her lips? Or will questions of hidden agendas and a stack of incriminating photos end their fairytale before it can start?

Author’s Note: Grab your candy heart panties and an ice pack, because these two are about to teach you just how hot a list of rules can be. Sit back, wiggle your toes and settle in for a decadent, dirty ride with a to-die-for Daddy Dom and his one-and-only baby girl. As always, this is a happily ever after safe read with unrelated adults finding their happy place with a bit of DD/baby girl fun. Enjoy. 


Standing on her tiptoes at a Renaissance Fair, Lela Marshall catches a glimpse of just how hot a forge can get. Even from fifty feet away, she’s never felt this sort of heat. And it’s coming from between her legs.

Miller Rhodes has a gigantic problem. He’s met the woman he knows is destined to be his. Only, she’s

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disappeared into a crowd and took his heart and his future with her. For once, even work can’t distract him from thoughts of the way her lips tasted for one brief moment under the July sun.

Can a sock-chewing puppy and a meddling mother be the solution to Miller’s problem? Will this knife forging hard-ass find his soft spot in the girl that stole his heart after just one kiss?

Author’s note: Lose yourself in the heat radiating from this filthy talking alpha. He’s a man of few words, but he definitely isn’t lacking on how to use his mouth in other ways. Suspend reality for a bit with this love at first kiss, happily ever after, scorching hot read. Safe, indulgent and *touches finger to butt and listens for the sizzle*. 


The night Willow Wilson walks through the doors of my private club, all my self-control vanishes. I am known as Lord Tower, master and owner of a discreet establishment where fantasies become a reality. Years ago when fate first brought Willow to me, she was my step-daughter. She called me Daddy, then. And she will again if I have my way.

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In the time since we’ve been apart, she’s only grown more beautiful. Her lush curves have filled out. Her heart calls to me. And I will have her even if I have to kick down the very doors of hell to make her mine. Right or wrong.

But even Lords have weaknesses. And she is the one for which I will give everything, even if it means letting her go. Again.

Author Note: Never fear, this book is still as safe as can be. There is as much darkness in this hot little read as there is light. As much swoony sweetness and steamy sexiness as you expect. But be warned, this Daddy is done waiting and his princess is about to be claimed. 


It only took Tanner Valentine one look at her to know this rare Rose was his one and only. Growing the world’s rarest and most coveted roses is this mountain man’s obsession until he walks into her flower shop and his new obsession takes over. There’s just one thing holding him back from staking his claim that ring on her finger.

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Rose Everhart spends her days arranging flowers. On this Valentine’s Day, she lets it slip that although she’s send out thousands of arrangements to other lucky recipients, she’s never been the receiver of flowers herself. What she doesn’t know, is wearing her grandmother’s scratched and worn rose gold wedding band has kept the hulky flannel wearing rose grower that’s filled her fantasies for months at a distance for too long.

Will these two unlucky at love introverts finally discover what it’s like to discover your one and only? Only, will someone from Rose’s past force her to retreat back into her solitary world just as she’s beginning to understand the power of true love?

Author’s Note: This indulgent treat smells like roses and tastes like chocolate. Well, maybe not really. But if you like happily ever after and believe in love at first sight this sweet, filthy treat is just for you. Always safe, always smutty and utterly swoon worthy. 


Allister Marshall is no stranger to saving the down on their luck staff at the club he runs. But the day he walks into a locked basement dungeon and his eyes rest on the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen, this white knight is nearly brought to his knees. He’s a man’s man, but he’s kept his v-card waiting for ‘the one’, and now that he’s found her nothing will ever come between them.

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Leah Morgan grew up cloaked in riches. Only she and her sister were kept locked away until a turn of events thrusts Leah out into the world where she’s a lamb primed for lions to pounce. When Allister saves her from the clutches of those sworn to care for her, she finds herself swept away by this monster of a man who is obsessed with making sure the rest of her life is filled with happiness and a few million orgasms.

Can this brute of a virgin man manage to overcome sweet Leah’s distrust of nearly everyone? When Leah once again disappears, Allister comes to grips with just how far he will go to bring home what is his. Only, will the forces at work to tear Leah from her first glimpse of true happiness be more than Allister can overcome?

Authors Note: Have some virgin fun with Allister and Leah! They were crazy popular supporting characters in Where She Belongs by Dani Wyatt. The Forever Collection is all virgins, love-at-first-sight, indulgent fantasy. Each book a standalone. It’s fall hard, fall fast and get right to the sticky bits. If you want to lose yourself for a while with a happily ever after, no cheating and all wrapped up with an obsessed, alpha hero who will stop at nothing to make babies with his woman, then step inside, it’s steamy.


I’d come to accept the predictable routine of my life until I saw her ass in those riding pants. Constance Montgomery…damn, with her legs spread on the leather of the saddle has my mouth watering and things inside me shift. Seems my program is about to change. All the years of indifference to any female form all come tumbling down. My hard rule to never get involved with a student is about to be

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 broken. With her.

ConstanceReed Sawyer is at the top of his game. An elite equestrian trainer with looks to kill and he’s staring straight at me. Only, he’s not my trainer because my parents make all those decisions. I’m tired of being under my parent’s thumb. Maybe it’s time I pushed the envelope a little. And Reed Sawyer looks like just the right wall to start pushing on.

A naïve, sheltered girl. A brooding, perfectionist with years of pent up need. The sparks fly. The walls come down. Hot lessons are learned.


Author’s Note: A hot equestrian trainer, a riding crop and that old phrase about a guy being hung like a…well you get the idea. Jump on for a ride that will have you reaching for a cool Mint Julip and a fresh pair of panties. It’s scorching hot, safe, sweet and filthy with instant everything.


With a sculpted body covered in jailhouse tattoos and a chain of successful gourmet donut shops, Thorne Avery is a study in contradictions. Wearing handmade suits while riding his favorite Harley, Thorne has kept his heart on lockdown and thrown away the key.

CeeCee Baldwin is done with upheaval and heartache. She just wants to be left alone to enjoy her

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mundane existence. Book boyfriends, the promise of a quiet weekend and the intense pleasure of eating two of the most scrumptious gourmet donuts on the planet are her Friday night highlights. When Thorne catches a glimpse of this lush, exotic beauty standing at the counter of his flagship store, his walled off heart takes a direct hit. And the more he gets to know this sarcastic, irresistible woman, the more he knows he has to have her. But when Thorne’s former life and CeeCee’s past come crashing together, how can one obsessed hero overcome such insurmountable odds? Authors warning: A felon, some donuts and a heroine who’s not afraid to drop the F bomb come together in this love-at-first-sight, moves-at-the-speed-of-light sexy romance. It’s a quick ride full of sexy times that will have you licking your fingers and wiping your chin. No cheating, safe, alpha hotness and always a happy ending. Next please! 


Homeschooled and under the stifling grip of an overprotective father, Talia Fielding’s life is pretty miserable. Playing her beloved ukulele and writing songs is as close as she comes to having fun. But that all changes on the night of her eighteenth birthday. She’s invited to her first party where she learns two things: girls can be very, very mean and Griffin Stanford kisses better than any fantasy she’s ever had.


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 To most of his friends, Griffin Stanford is the handsome football star. However, under those good looks lies the heart of a geek. His passion for numbers has ensured him a life changing job straight out of college. The contract he’s signed has him boarding a plane to halfway around the world the morning after he meets the girl of his dreams.

The obsessive draw Griffin feels toward Talia has him questioning his life’s choices. One night, one kiss and Griffin knows this may be his one and only chance to capture the perfect girl… How can he stop her from slipping through his fingers when the world seems determined to keep these two virgins apart?

Author Note: These two fall in love instantly. If you’re looking for a filthy fantasy fix complete with a Dani-style dirty talking hero topped with heaping helpings of swoony romance, you’re in the right place. This is a standalone novella, with Kindle melting heat, safe, no cheating and filled with virgins who magically know exactly what they’re doing from the very first kiss.



Demolitions expert Magnus Leonard has never had someone special in his life. His world has revolved around tearing things down, not building them up. That is, until Cassie waits on him at a local art gallery and her sweet smile and lush curves instantly light his fuse.


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Cassie Johnson is tired of losing things. Her mom. Her dog. Her home. She dreams of being safe and loved by someone that understands her. Even at twenty years old, her bed overflows with stuffies and she can recite every line from Beauty & the Beast. When Magnus shows up just in time to save Cassie from yet another horrible loss, she realizes this hulking, bearded force of nature might just be the special hero she’s been waiting for. But when a dark secret is revealed, will Cassie ever be able to trust her new Daddy again? Author Warning: This is cotton candy, red bottoms and pouty lips. It’s love-at-first-sight, filthy fantasy. If the words “Daddy”, “princess” and “baby-girl” steam your mirror, then grab your Kindle and an icepack, and get reading! This is a HEA/Safe read which contains DD/lg play. (If a swoon worthy DaddyDom doesn’t make you weak in the knees, this may not be the book for you.)



After five lonely years out west, Chad Butler spots a curvy beauty in the crowd at his hometown honky-tonk and knows he has to have her. He’s going to lasso this little filly straight into his bed – and into his life.

Rachel Sweeting enjoys the peace she’s found in the middle of miles of cornfields with her Aunt Jessie. 

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Her new life keeps her safely tucked away from the pain and embarrassment of her past. But, when her truck breaks down in the middle of the night and a hunky cowboy rides to the rescue, she’s knocked straight out of her boots.

Her romance books have told her love-at-first-sight is real and for the first time, Rachel is a believer. But when a dangerous past connection threatens their ride into the sunset, will Chad’s devotion to his woman be enough to save the day?

Authors Note: This dirty talking cowboy hasn’t touched a woman in years, and when he falls, it’s hard and fast, making for an instant love connection and obsessed alpha hotness. If you’re looking for love-at-first-sight, NO cheating and filthy sweetness, come sit a spell but bring a fan, it’s hot. 

Wrangler is a full length, 75K word stand alone novel. 



Decker Lawrence just opened The Monarch, the crown jewel in his chain of successful nightclubs. Surrounded every day by beautiful women, he’s never been tempted to sample the goods. That is until she stumbles in. With a quirky innocence and curves-for-days, May is about to change this virgin’s life forever

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May Morgan has riches beyond most people’s wildest dreams, but after her parent’s death, none of it will ever be hers. Bound to her upcoming arranged marriage, May dreams of escape. Her crazy idea to slip away and earn money by dancing at a hot nightclub seems like the perfect solution. Except, when the handsome club owner catches sight of her, he offers her far more than just a job. Decker has waited his whole life for his first time, but he knows what he wants and he doesn’t hesitate to stake his claim. When he discovers what waits for May back at home, Decker sees red. Is one man strong enough to fight the evil forces determined to tear them apart? Will these May to December virgins ever get their fairy tale first time? Authors Note: The Forever Collection is all virgins, love-at-first-sight, indulgent fantasy. Each book a standalone. It’s fall hard, fall fast and get right to the sticky bits. If you want to lose yourself for a while with a happily ever after, no cheating and all wrapped up with an obsessed, alpha hero who will stop at nothing to make babies with his woman, then step inside, it’s steamy.


Some promises are made to be broken. And others start out that way.

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  Promise Henderson knows all about being broken. She’s a down-on-her-luck former foster kid who needs to figure out how to get her brother into her custody before the State of Ohio ruins his life forever. Enter Beckett Fitzgerald. A SEAL with a scarred face, a bad sense of humor and no place to call home. He has another asset though. A big one. For ten years he’s tried to forget the little girl with snow white hair and an angel’s eyes, but when fate throws her into his path once again, his obsession turns possessive and sparks fly. Only, Promise has a Judas by her side vying for her heart and Beckett needs to reveal the truth before he loses her forever. Debts of the past come calling and Beckett shows her just how far he’s willing to go to protect what is his. This full length novel has an over the top alpha hero, a curvy girl and some very saucy, sexy times. Beckett and Promise get their happily ever after, but their story will continue. So if you like a romance with a heaping helping of HOT, step inside, it’s steamy.



Conclusion to PROMISE!   Retiring from the military was the right decision for Beckett Fitzgerald. He’s landed the girl of his dreams, the ring is on her finger and the only other mission he’s interested in is putting a baby in Promise’s belly by the time they get back from the honeymoon. Simple, right?

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Swept off her feet by Beckett, with his scarred face and Monet blue eyes, Promise is finally learning that true love isn’t just for fairy tales. With her brother finally free from the horrors of foster care and her own personal hero hell bent on teaching her all the magical ways her body belongs to him, her once-in-a-lifetime feels so real. But before their honeymoon suitcases are packed, a knock on the door and a best friend’s betrayal threaten to tear them apart. Beckett will cross oceans and leave a path of destruction behind to protect what is his, but when promises are broken, and the truth is revealed, will their all-consuming love be enough to carry them through? Author’s Note: ‘Cherish’ is the conclusion to the best-selling, ‘Promise’ which is included here as FREE bonus content so you can read Beckett & Promise’s story from beginning to end. This book will give you a sweet happily ever after, an insatiable head-over-heels in love alpha hero, panty melting yumminess and NO CHEATING.



Then, there is Cameron ‘The Force’ Cobain. A tattooed MMA fighting machine with two felonies, a filthy mouth and one violent obsession

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Then, there is Cameron ‘The Force’ Cobain. A tattooed MMA fighting machine with two felonies, a filthy mouth and one violent obsession.






He’s drop-your-panties, dead sexy with a body like a monolith and eyes the color of shattered blue ice.

Women throw themselves at him to experience his other force.

The one between his legs.

Raised in a world where you are either the victor or the vanquished, he was trained to be lethal. I know, because I was there.

Since the days of pig-tails and skinned knees, I’ve counted on him, loved him and hated him. Because some mistakes cannot be forgiven.

Now, he’s gone. I’m alone. The wolves are coming and my own father is pointing them my way.

When Cameron comes back, he’s after more than blood. He’s after me.

Why? I’m not the platinum blond, ring card girl. I’m the good girl. The straight A, keep-your-head-down-so-no-one-will-notice-me girl.

I’ve felt his force and I’m being swept away. Can our two broken halves come together to make us whole? Or, will we find out, in some fights, no one wins.

This is a stand alone novel with a an ultra dominant alpha male, a HEA and content intended for mature readers.


A girl without hope.


The only thing that makes Flynn Dunleavy feel alive is the taste of his own blood. He’s the tattooed bastard son of Detroit’s most ruthless crime leader and he only knows three things for sure.
How to hit, how to hate and how to make women scream his name.

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Until she shows up.





Lilly is the asset. The brain. The beautiful naive pawn in a high stakes game of family tradition, loyalty and intimidation, And Flynn’s father Colin Dunleavy is her fiancé.

The day she tumbles into his world, Flynn stands by as his father greets her with a bloody lip and an indifferent smile. And for the first time in his life Flynn feels something. A thump in his chest, a twitch in his heart. That day, she became his obsession. His salvation. His ruin. Why is the one person that could save him the one person he can never have?

This is one fight he cannot lose.


Blazing hot, stand alone romance with a HEA and an ultra Alpha Dominant hero. Part of the MMA Southside Brotherhood series, ‘PUSH” completely stands on it’s own without the need to read the other books in this series. Some content intended for mature readers.


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